Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is a medical treatment that is essential in ensuring the wellbeing of animals suffering from severe respiratory distress. This procedure involves supplementing oxygen levels in an animal’s body to correct low oxygen levels, which are responsible for deteriorating vital organs and leading to a range of dangerous medical conditions.

At 24-hour emergency animal hospitals, oxygen therapy is a critical service that is offered to patients suffering from various medical conditions, including respiratory diseases, cardiac disease, and shock. Through this process, the animal’s breathing is stabilized, and their body organs are temporarily aided to stabilize as well.

During oxygen therapy, an animal is kept in an enclosed chamber or a cage with a mask over its face so that it receives oxygen through a breathing tube. The oxygen is supplied through a tube that is attached to the mask. Oxygen indicates the level of oxygen entering the animal, and the tubing connected to the mask has valves that allow the vet to adjust the amount of oxygen the animal receives.

The benefits of oxygen therapy cannot be overemphasized. During this procedure, the oxygen levels in the body are increased, which eventually helps in improving oxygenation of vital organs and various body tissues. Additionally, oxygen therapy helps to improve respiratory function, clears airways, reduces inflammation in the lungs and alveoli, and stabilizes heart function. As a result, animals undergoing oxygen therapy exhibit an improvement in their overall health and wellbeing.

Moreover, oxygen therapy is crucial in emergencies where an animal has experienced trauma due to an accident, electrocution, breathing obstruction, and other dangerous environmental factors. This treatment can be lifesaving in such cases since loss of oxygen can make the anesthesia process very complicated, leading to paralysis of the respiratory system.

In conclusion, oxygen therapy is a treatment that is not only vital, but also lifesaving to animals in distress. It is a procedure that offers an animal speedy and effective relief and helps them to start feeling better in no time. Pet owners should always seek the assistance of qualified professionals who are experts in animal care at emergency animal hospitals to ensure that their pets receive the best and most comprehensive care, including oxygen therapy, when necessary.